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5/5/05 05:00 pm - *yawn*

I went to the country club today with my boss and a couple of co-workers, it was fun. Golf is the greatest sport in the world. Can you think of a sport that requires as much skill and precision as golf does? Ha, Tim kept calling the poor caddie "Pedro," which is probably his name anyways though, considering that Pedro makes up 25% of mexican men's names. Still, the poor guy was all flustered and pathetic, it was kind of sad. As you can tell, I'm in a pretty kind and sympathetic mood today. Plus, I'm a fighter for minority rights!

Just leaving you with an Ann Coulter picture. She was in Time magazine as one of the top 100 people of the year or something in entertainment. She's damn hot.

Too many celebrities in Hollywood are fat these days. Have you seen that girl from the Simple Life or whatever it's called lately? And that nasty bitch, Sarah Michelle Parker from Sex and the City. What's up with all that flab? Nasty...we definitely need more women like Ann Coulter in Hollywood.

4/19/05 09:28 pm - MY NEW ICON!

What do you think? I stole it from some dumbfuck in liberal_icons and fixed it up.

4/19/05 07:11 pm - a new pope

THANK FUCKING GOD!! This guy is the shit. I really didn't freakin' like sean paul...he was kind of a freak. We need someone who really understands christianity...well, catholicism is kinda bullshit anyways. So fuck that.

4/12/05 03:42 am

This is a post dedicated to my BITCHES OF LIVEJOURNAL, the sluts
and classy women who are obsessed with me. I'm going by "Who's been
commenting in your journal?"

I originally put the real pictures of these girls up, but they had
to be stupid liberals and complain about copyright infringement
(although you should see some of the shit they do to other members),
so I replaced them with near replicas, which is the closest thing
I could find!


The girl, the goddess, the feisty one. The lady that stole my heart.
Quite a beautiful specimen. Nose is rather on the large side, doesn't
show much of her body. babyfat still? hard to tell.. but I consider
that quite attractive. As they say, "more cushin' for the pushin."
she's smart and sweet, and can get quite possessive of me at times.
the epitome of Livejoural beauty. Love ya baby.

Um, I assuming this is a guy. I'm not dirty like that.
No picture, fortunately.


Interesting. She has all kinds of "rating" communities, but her face looks
like ass. She doesn't show much of her body. I'm assuming it's rather
attractive though, just a gut feeling. Probably very long, slim legs.
It'd hit it, with a bag over the head.


Hmmm. Fat, obviously, but in a cute way. Cute little smile, big tits,
and a hot attitude. She's my second favorite bitch after the Allie,
of course. No one can beat her.


"Okay, so we all know that begging is usually below me, but I seriously
need a new computer, mine is on the verge of dying. If my computer does die,
I won't be able to be on lj/aim/anything anymore. So, if any of you have
any spare change >_> I could really use it. I know almost everyone on my
list is just as poor as I am, but the tiniest bit helps. Yes, I know beggars
suck, but I can't get a job for some reason. (It’s very difficult to find
one where I live, virtually everywhere requires you to be 18+) So before
you start preaching about how I’m some worthless bum, keep in mind that I
AM looking for work. Anyway, anything will help, I have about $225 in my
account. So, I probably need an additional $200-$275 for a decent computer.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help, even if it's just a little."

Here's some help....get your daddy's cock out of your mouth and go suck off
the boys at school for fifty cents a pop. I doubt you're worth much more
with those teeth.

Here's her in her "bitchy" community being really omg "bitchy."
"how the hell can you USE IT INCORRECTLY? It i meant to be a derogitory term.
It's not like the swastika, which had good intentions originally, but was corupted.
No, it was designed and used solely as a term used to let niggy know thier place."

Wow...OMGGG you're so bitchy....I can't even believe what a bitch you are.
Like I am so impressed with your bitchiness...I just can't even express how
cool you are for being such a bitch. Seriously though, every dumb little white
slut with her finger in her twat think she's so cool because she's suuuuch
a bitch. Just cause your daddy hates you and would sooner slap the shit
out of your mom than fuck her and you act like a scared little girl to make
up for it, doesn't make you special.

Those are my top 5. I'll do the next few some other day...

3/12/05 11:52 pm - Retarded, yet cute?

It's funny when women spend all of their time talking about what a bitch they are on the internet. Mainly with younger girls, but there are still women at my job like this (40's, 50's...)

"I am a 100% bitch. Don't be fooled by my beauty, if you piss me off I will whoop your and eat your pussy and talk shit about you, because I'm an insecure little twat who loves to go around online and tell people how ugly and lame they are and how they should go kill themselves and get HIV."

Yes, you are SUCH a cool bitch because you tell twelve year olds they're ugly and need to die, give yourself a medal. Not a bitch, more like a needy little kid who's dad made them feel bad when they were little so this is their way of getting attention and trying to build self-esteem. And people way over do it on the internet since they are anonymous to a degree.

And even when women get older they don't stop. Today at my office two female co-workers were jabbering on and on about another woman l in the office and how she was so ugly and fat and had the nastiest haircut. Sheila came in five minutes later. "Hey, Sheila, how are you today, honey?" Haha.

Women. You notice guys don't act like this?

3/3/05 04:39 pm - Damn....

Maybe some of you have noticed, I haven't been myself the past few days. I've been having some problems. Well, sadly I had to dump my short-term girlfriend today. She was pretty nice, really good in bed, but lately I've notice that she's put on a few pounds. I just can't deal with that, I can have some hog riding me, their flab bouncing everywhere. She's not huge, but when I first started dating her six months ago she was about 105 (she's 5'5"). Since then she's started taking some medicine for depression that makes a lot of people gain weight (zyprexa), and now she's about to hit 130. I told her once she got to that I wasn't going to be able to be with her anymore. She understands and says she'll call me when she drops the weight. She was a sweet girl, and I don't say that about too many women.

2/25/05 10:47 pm - Important annoucement

All liberals are gay.

George Bush is the best president since Reagan.

Hustler is better quality than Playboy.

Sarah Jessica Parker is fat.

2/18/05 03:16 pm - lalala

Today someone at work was talking about how stupid George Bush is. So I started debating with him about certain issues and he's like "You know what, to be honest I don't know much about politics," and thne sort of mumbled something and changed the subject. LMAO liberals are so fucking stupid.

12/10/04 02:22 pm - I hate Hollywood

I am so glad that we're finally moving away from all of these bullshit Hollywood values and getting back to real values, like family, friends, religion, and tradition. People like Susan Sarandon, Bruce Springsteen, and Michael Moore are corrupting our country. It's a real problem. People are obsessed with homosexuality, pre-marital sex, athiesm, cults, etc. thanks to Hollywood. Homosexuality is NOT okay, and natural, I think that's very clear. It's not until recently that it's been such a trendy and fun thing to do. Thanks, Hollywood. The Bible is the word of God, and He says that homosexuality will put you in hell. END OF STORY. Deal with it. It's also not okay to have sex out of marriage. The chances of you getting AIDS are about ten times as much if you have sex with someone you're not married to. You also have a higher chance of getting pregnant before you're married even if you use a condom.

"While using a condom, you can still become pregnant. Condoms have an annual contraceptive failure rate of 18.4 percent for girls under age 18 (1). And among young, unmarried, minority women the annual failure rate is 36.3 percent; among unmarried Hispanic women it is as high as 44.5 percent (2)."


11/23/04 09:05 pm - Friends Only

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